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It will get better! Let me share with you my experience that titrating/tapering was alot more difficult than CT. Cold Turkey was over much much sooner. It seemed like every single time I dropped down I went through withdrawls all over agin. In the end the Cold Turkey was easier and it was over in a few days. I didn't use OC, but another opiate for a long period of time and the withdrawl symptoms werer basically the same. Consider flushing the remainder of your OC and be done with it dear. Get through the WD's once and for all instead of going through it again and again. Everyone must do what works in the end, but I have read alot of testimonials on this board that support the CT approach. If you go CT and use the detox recipie it isn't that bad - like a case of the flu. You can do it. I did it and I am a complete wimp. I'm not sure titrating/tapering and using the meds in the detox recipie work together...but it sure works with the CT approach. The other option would be rehab or detox for a few days in a facility. I know it's scary, but it can be so much help. Also, try really hard to resist drinking or doing any other kind of mood altering drug while trying to get off this just seems like using anything else would drag out the withdrawls even longer and perhaps complicate them. Have you been back to NA? Outside support is very important. We are all pulling for you. Don't give up. I am a little over 2 weeks clean now, I once had almost 11 years clean from an opiate addiction (iv/im/sub q demerol) which was terrible to kick. I suppose it was close to what you are going through with OC...but it can be done. I'm still having some of those mood swings too. The frustration is unbearable sometimes. I'll share something with you that may sound NUTS but I'm telling you it works. My sponsor from years ago taught me a trick for getting out some of that frustration and anger. Take some old dishes or glassware and bust it to it against a brick wall, against concrete or whatever you can find. Another option..take a ball bat a whack the crap out of a tree as many times as you can stand it. I'm telling you it releases a ton of stress!!!!!!!!!! Now yall think I'm crazy too...maybe I am, but it works and you fell 100% better when you are done. Nothing like beating the crap out of a tree to release all that pent up frustration and anger and grief. :-)

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