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Hi and welcome. Your story sounds familiar to many I've read here and familiar to my own story. The details of the cause of pain are different but the end result the same. We are all behind you 100%. It's like a little online family here and you'll get lots of support, different ideas and opinions. You have to do what works for you.
One thing I recommend to anyone going through this is finding an NA meeting in your community. It might sound scary but once you've made it through that first meeting it gets easier and you will meet lots of people with similar stories. The support you get there is amazing. It helps to fellowship with others who have been right where you are and seeing them clean and enjoying life provides much needed hope.
I too have a family with children. I think it presents more challenge than perhaps going through this with only yourself to lookout for and it makes it harder to do what you need to do for yourself because there are family demands that have to be tended to.
I tried to taper for a long time and I was unsuccessful. I just couldn't control my use if I had availability. Cold Turkey was the answer for me, but the key is being truly sick of feeling sick. The withdrawls are rough for a few days but it gets better with time. Having legitimate pain complicates it more but there are non-narcotic, non-addictive meds that work for some people with mild to moderate pain.
When the time comes for your surgeries be honest with your doctors. See if there is something non-addictive, non-mood altering you can take. It's atleast worth a try. If not, take what you have to as prescribed and only when you absolutely need it - once you are past the point where you truly don't need narcotics anymore flush them and switch to something over the counter - like motrin or alleve.
This can be done. We are living proof. It's great that you have family support, but I'm telling you there is nothing like the support of other addicts who truly understand from experience. Give it a try.
Let us know how you are. Once someone reaches out through these boards they've taken the first tiny step toward a better life and I know I worry and wonder about everyone here. Post an update once in a while and let us know how you are feeling. My prayers and best wishes are with you! :wave:

**One final suggestion - if your doc gives you something "non-addictive" read up on it, ask your pharmacist and research through the web. You'll be amazed how many are given "non-addictive" meds that turn out to have opiate like affects and addictive potential.**

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