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Hi Donewithit,
I just wanted to say hi and let you know that I am pulling for you. I can relate to all your post's completely. I have a similar chronic pain condition that got me into the same place with the hydrocodone. Or..well, actually I GOT myself into this place. I have been tapering for 3+ weeks and that is NO FUN! I am afraid to jump off yet...I don't have the confidence yet. I am slowly getting there though and I absolutely admire yours.

On another note...I have been finding that yoga and acupuncture are helping my joint pain A LOT...In ways...better than the hydro. Perhaps you could consider these options as well. I like you am facing pain without narcotics and looking for an answer. I can't take Motrin or Advil..I get heart palpitations from either drug. I am seriously leaning toward a holistic approach. Remember how amazing our minds and bodies really are!

I will try and be around this weekend to give you some support or just listen to you vent. Get some imodium, benadryl and maybe an over the counter sleep med...Unisom works great! People swear by the benzo's during detox also...I despise benzo's though...they make me feel like I have a hundred pounds of brick's on my head. Whatever you chose, know that you have tremendous support here ( and at home).

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