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[QUOTE=rk33]I couldn't agree with you more on the Ultram astrolifter, I had to go into rehab & FMLA Act for it also because it was 4 to 6 weeks before I could do as much as go to the mail box, at one point I was having my doubts that I was going to make it, and I'm no whimp I spent my time in the USMC and done things that I would never thought would be as challenging this beast "Ultram". I started taking it in 1995 after a hip injury and my habbit was about the same as yours then a one day in June I woke up in withdrawl, at first I didn't know what it was because I was still taking my normal amount. I think Ultram needs to be changed in its class of drugs. Ihave come off hydros and they don't even come close to the Ultram. May I ask what got you to the point of stopping the Ultram or did you just say thats it. I'm going into my 3rd month of recovery and I'm still having physical issues like leg cramps, jelly or rubber legs, nerve twitches, headaches,brain fog and no energy or motivation along with many others. Many people under estimate this drugs power but until you have lived with it you will never know its power. I wouldn't recommend anyone thats having opiate issues even look at this drug. The sad part is that read in some cases that a doctor is prescribing to people to help with the pains when comming other pain meds, maybe we need a new thread on this drug.

1, Ultram = 95% pain when stopping with very little mental, I believe the pain is so bad that the mental doesn't have time to get you.
2, Hydros 50% pain and 50% mental

Sorry for rambling but I think this is one of those drugs that can come out and bite ya when your already in a bad situation.

Don't apologize; it actually makes me feel better to know that Iím not alone in having experienced these nasty withdrawals with this insidious drug that the drug companies tout as being "non-addictive".

I totally agree with you about the "Ultram=95% pain when stopping with very little mental". I know this because, Iíve been 3 and 1/2 weeks off Ultram now and have experienced very little cravings for the drug, whereas with Hydro, I still think about it, sometimes, to this day!

What finally led me to check myself into rehab is that I finally got "sick and tired of being sick and tired", I had tried to quit on my own so many times, with so many different methods, the withdrawals, as you already know, were horrible, especially considering that my job consisted of working with juvenile sex offenders, which is stressful in itself, even when you're feeling good! So, each time I would give in and order more within 2 to 3 days. Itís so easy to get, its ridiculous. I could place an order for 180 of them right now, for just over a hundred dollars and would get them via FedEx priority am tomorrow morning at 9:15 AM!

One thing I did, right after I got out of the detox phase at rehab and entered treatment, is ask the Psychiatrist to put me on effexor, twice a day, (I was also placed on 4mg suboxone, but thatís another nightmare altogether!) The effexor, I believe, relieved the anti-depressant withdrawals of the Ultram as it works in pretty much the same way: by inhibiting the re-uptake of serotonin and norepinephrine, just as Ultram does. The only difference being that effexor has no activity whatsoever on opiate receptors. So pretty much, all I had to worry about was withdrawling off the opiate addiction effects of the drug. I'm still on the effexor btw, my doctor recently changed my dosaging schedule to (2) 75mg tabs once in the morning, instead of taking one in the morning and before bedtime. He, as well as myself, believed that taking the nightly dose contributed to the intensive insomnia I was experiencing (I had barely slept for 5 days, but a lot of that was due to the suboxone withdrawal, which I have described in detail in other posts). So now, I'm feeling pretty good, for the first time in years, i'm actually getting up bright and early, instead of dragging my butt out of bed at noon (I work afternoons, which doesn't help matters much). I hope you start feeling better soon, are you experiencing restless leg syndrome at night when you try to sleep? If so, there is a drug my doctor just put me on called REQUIP that immediately took away these symptoms. This was a godsend to me, as the restless legs were what were keeping me up all night during those 5 days after being abruptly discontinued from the Suboxone. Take care

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