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Trying to get clean
Oct 13, 2005
I just found this site and thought I could get some good advise.

I have been on Hydrocodone for the last 8 months . Had surgery about 2 months ago for 2 slipped disks. After the surgery I was given percecet used them for 1 1/2 then was given Hydrocodone taking between 40mg-60mg a day (10mg per pill) . Now my pain has gone down to a moderate level. I would like to get off the medication now but I get pain in my arms legs ( nerve pain in the leg , reason for the surgery to beginwith) along with uneasy feelings when the meds wear off. I am scared of going through withdraws. I dont even like the feeling of the meds most of the time as is, but the tales of heroin withdraws are just unthinkable ( ever seen Ray, the movie about the singer). I've tried to drop my doesage but that didnt work as I just went back up to the same does I was on. I dont know if I could go to a rehab , I have a little boy to take care of. I was very lucky that my parents help me out in my time of need but now its time to get a job. I need to get off the drugs to function properly. The real question is this in my head or could I be Phsically addicted to them?

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