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Thank you for your responses!

Well, I managed about 2 hours sleep last night, got out of bed bright and early and went and saw the doc at the detox center at the rehab place I went to. The nurse took my vitals: blood pressure 150/104, pulse 118. Then I saw the doctor (after a lengthy wait). He quickly said, so you're having opiate withdrawal symptoms, I said "yeah", he then asked if they were bad, like when I tried withdrawling cold turkey when I was using, I said "yeah, except I haven't been sweating as much". He gave me a puzzled look and then asked me if I had been attending NA meetings?! I said "yeah, two" he then started lecturing me about how I needed to be attending more meetings and relying on the twelve steps during times such as these. I tried to explain to him that I needed to return to work this week and needed to be sleeping and not in full blown withdrawal. His reply was: "your recovery is more important then your job, more important then anything" and then he said "RECOVERY ISN'T FOR PUSSIES!". Now, I know that he had my best intentions in mind, and I do know that staying clean does take a very strong commitment, so I can kinda see where he was coming from with that comment, but I hope he doesn't make it a practice to talk like that to all recovering addicts, especially those that are merely seeking a little relief from withdrawal after practically not sleeping for three days! I think that kind of comment could drive someone to say f-this and go out and use out of spite. He then said that he couldn't prescribe me any suboxone (I only wanted a small amount so I could taper off from 1mg) he said that he wasn't licensed to prescribe it from there and that he could only prescribe it from his private practice he has. He further stated that, he wouldn't prescribe it to me anyways because it would only postpone the inevitable, I guess he was refering to getting off opiates for good, but I don't really know because he wouldn't let me get a word in edgewise and wouldn't even hear of my argument of tapering to a very low dose and then going off like some people here have successfully done. He did, however, prescribe me some catapres, which many of you know is a blood pressure medication that blocks some of the symptoms of opiate withdrawal, so i'm grateful for that. Puzzling though, I told him that I was already on two other blood pressure medications: a beta blocker, and a diuretic, and I asked him if I should discontinue those since I would be taking the catapres for awhile. He merely said no, just continue taking the other ones. You'd think that being a medical doctor that he would at least advise me to monitor my blood pressure while taking 3 medications?! But, I am happy to report that I did take a long nap this afternoon after taking two of the catapres (they are .1 mg each). I still feel like crap, but my spirits are up. I have no choice, I simply will not go back to using and what I was, I will die. Thank you all for your help, i'll keep posting and try to give back to others like others have already given to me.

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