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[QUOTE=astrolifter]I've been concerned with that too Gina, i've heard many times that benzos are even more difficult to detox off of then opiates.[/QUOTE]

I've heard this too. I do take Xanax as needed and I've become [B]tolerant[/B] of it but [U]not[/U] addicted to it. Lucky me!! But the risk is still there. Problem is, when I take Vic, I have no need for my antidepressants, anxiety or IBS medications. This makes it harder to stop using Vic.

[QUOTE=astrolifter]This is why i'm going to slowly taper off the valium tabs, cutting the pill down from 10mg to 7.5mg, and then 5mg, 2.5mg and probably drop off from there.[/QUOTE]

That sounds like a good plan. Don't try to quit everything at once though, that can be too rough on your system and produces a higher chance of relapse.

[QUOTE=astrolifter]I actually slept awesome last night for the first time since I went completely off the suboxone! Thank you for your concern, had I not been someone that carefully researched drugs, I may have started taking too much of the benzos on a regular basis, which would have resulted in another problem that I certainly don't need. God Bless.[/QUOTE]

I'm so glad to hear that you got good rest!! :bouncing: Good luck friend!

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