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Re: Help
Oct 21, 2005
I will try to help. Everyone is different so things that work me you may not work for you. I went to a addiction center where they gave me seven days worth of suboxone. Tapering 8-8-4-4-4-2-2. They also gave me flexeril and clonadine. That helped a lot. My cravings yesterday were hell to get through. Some how I managed. I think you need to get you mind ready first. Then tell yourself you are coming down with the flu. That is very much how it feels. The flu with a lot of anxiety added just for good measure. I tried tapering. I failed. I tried cold turkey. I really failed. I guess since they were so available to me either that or I just have low will power. You just have to get through one day at a time. After the doctor's tapering I felt like I had just delayed the withdraws. Monday was my last day at the docs. Then Tuesday was bad Wednesday and Thursday were way worse. Now here I sit today saying I feel way better than I did. Fifteen minutes from now I know I may not. That is how it seems to go for a while. If you do not want to tell your doctor everything maybe you should tell him you are having a hard time sleeping, which you will, and he will give you something. Every little thing helps. I took the herbal remedy post to heart and bought all three items. I think it is really helping today. You might want to double check it. GABA which they told me was a b-complex, L-Tyrosine and L-Phenylalanine. They have seemed to help. You may want to add in a multi vitiman and drink plenty of gatorade. Oh yea and the immodium tablets are a god send especially if you have to work during your detox. I took my dog for a brisk walk this morning. That helped. I am glad I have him otherwise I might of just stayed on the couch. I personally fell better doing a little something productive. Some people seem better off just lying in bed. Whatever works. Good luck to you. Remember quit when your ready. Planning was my best asset. I had very little
on my plate for October, I would not want to try detoxing during the holidays. You can do it. Just take it hour by hour and know their are people who care here. Addy

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