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I didn't have an Ultram problem. But, there is a wealth of information on here that can help you. There was a post here somewhere I read a day or two ago that had alot of really good info about Ultram and what it does to the brain chemistry. It might help to read through posts from the last few days and find it.
There are certainly people here who have battled Ultram and have successfully come off it. I think if I remember reading correctly one thing that will help is getting on some kind of anti depressant to help balance that end out. Apparently Ultram acts in more than one way on the brain, not just a pain reliever but also has anti-depressant it's doubly challenging. I've also heard the withdrawls are different and last a little longer than regular opiate detox.

Exercise will certainly help, trying to eat well, getting rest as much as possible, counteract withdrawl symptoms with over the counter meds or seek help from a good addictionologist. Get some support..this is invaluable. This board is a great help but you might also benefit greatly from finding a local NA meeting or some other 12 step support. There are lots of wonderful people in those rooms and they will help with emotional support. I've known them to literally sit and hold people's hands while they are going through the worst. Sounds like you've been down this road before and know some about what to expect, so that may help too. Have you thought about why you started again? Did you stop all mood altering chemicals at that time or were you still drinking, using other drugs? I find it helps to look at the whole picture.

We will all be here. There are many regulars on this board that will offer daily support and encouragement. I hope someone responds to you that has tackled Ultram and beat it so that you can relate to them a little more. But we are all addicts and we all fight the same battle regardless of the drug of choice.

God bless and good luck. Keep us posted on how you are doing.
Shameand pain,

I tapered off Ultram and Ambien. The WD was much easier than off Vicoden which I did last year before I switched to Ultram. I still had the WD symptoms but they weren't as strong. Sometimes I think the mental part is harder to go through. Funny thing as I was on Ultracet and when I read your post I went to my bottles(more than 1) to see if that was a generic name so I could advise you correctly. And I actually didn't want to take 1 or even see the bottles. I remember all too well counting pills, and being a slave to them.

Yesterday I actually woke up smiling, something I hadn't done in years. My energy level is coming back and I am seeing everything as new and fresh. It's worth doing! Keep strong and post often. There are such great people on these boards that will always be there to help and support you.

Post to me if you have any further questions. I will help you any way I can.

Your Friend,
Vickyuser :angel:

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