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Oh Ggrl!! Hold on! This lousy cold/flu will soon pass! What lousy timing ...
such similar symptoms as withdrawal, wouldn't ya know. Oh, honey, be gentle and take loving care of yourself as you would a sick friend. Sleep when you're tired and eat when you're hungry (chicken soup, if you can get it, of course!)
Just give yourself permission to feel lousy! But, please... allow yourself a little smile now and then as you realize what a HUGE goal you have reached! A little inner smile at least until you feel well enough to grin and celebrate in style.
Congratulations!!!! I'm hoping that it will continue to get better and better for you and all of us on this road of recovery.
Lynnie ... You too! Hope your laying low, watching some good old movies and getting your Jewish penicillin from Zabars! So glad to hear you are living life free of our disabling depressions. I'm still working on it. Ya know, in a way the low dose ultram I take works on my depression (without feeling high) better than most of the AD's! Not completely, but there is a little lift from it. Too much going on right now to make a medication switch just now, (possibly to cymbalta?). I'm in the process of transfering my b/c followup care to Sloan Kettering right now, and they have me taking a zillion tests and seeing a slew of THEIR specialists. At the time of my diagnosis, Sloan didn't take my insurance, but now they do, (I'm ecstatic!) ) so I'm very busy with that! Please send my love and warmest best to sweet and elegant Alice for me.
Anyway, back to congrats and gratitude for finding and seeing some of my old friends again!
So proud of you Ggrl!!!!!!
Love and hugs to all!

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