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Before my question, I am off of the sub as of Wednesday. Thanks to the brilliance of Goddess Grll, I tapered down very low and jumped at .125 mgs, and although I am using the hell out of some NC I am doing fine. I haven't posted in a while but continue to check in everyday with you guys. COngrats Goddess on making it through your long battle. You have no idea how much you taught me and inspired. Finally off the opiate train wooooohooooo!!!!!!!!!!

Next is AFrin I have a cold and sinus infection and my pharmacist (we are on a first name basis, lol) reccomended it to me and I know some have posted on here that it can become addicting? WHy? What does it do to you? Please explain to me why one might like it, I haven't used it yet put want to be prepared
i use afrin when my nasal passages are really congested to where i cant breath through my nose, then i use it and it opens them up its a miracle nasal spray

how much is a lot of NC have you been using if i may ask
Hi Steve - I think what they mean by Afrin being addicting is that if used regularly for a long period of time you can become dependent on it to reduce swelling & relieve congestion in the nasal passages. Normally using it short term for a cold, sinus infection or allergy related congestion won't cause a problem. It is not mood altering in any way so it isn't addictive in that context. This is just my experience from seeing many people in offices over the years who used it chronically and now can't get by without it.
Congrats on your decision to get off the Sub. I wish you the very best.

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