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Hi all, I have read alot on here last night and it stopped me from feelings of comming VERY close to doing (very much wanting too) away with myself!!
Today is day 5 ct from ultram and other opiate pain meds in between. Maybe switching back and forth from the two made it a very lil bit easier to endure these physical wd symptoms but I have taken enough long enough to kill a small animal! Very well to kill me!! Anyhow no-one knows I have been taken these all along, my family thinks I have been sober in between and at day 5 I am sooooooooo angry!! I am flipping out over nothing, still have the leg flops, can't sleep but for a few hours, have everyone wanting to drag me everywhere!! I try to say I'm sick but used that excuse too many times. I just want to get rid of the anger, it physicly hurts if you can believe that!! I hate life and everyone around me and don't know how to turn it around. anyone experience this? OK, stupid question right. please help me hold on. Unfortunatily, physical AA/Na meetings are a no go, all my druggy friends go and relapse, go and relapse, and I along with them. I am almost 8 years off heroin and can't afford to "hook up" with anyone with THAT problem and go through that all over again, which I will if I encounter the issue. I'm just not strong enough yet!! Please any words of wisdom, hope, or truth. I would like to hear it is day 5 and will only get better, but only if it's the truth please. God help me!! thank you all, Kim
Ultram is difficult and tricky drug, I went off of it a few months ago and it was pure heck. For me it seemed that the headaches and rubber legs, heart palps were the worst thing. The leg thing satyed with me for a long while. Good luck, Kev

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