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Hi Stacy :angel: I had a mother's intuition that something was wrong and am glad I came upon this post.

I know that this is a difficult decision for you and admire you for having the courage to get yourself off the pain meds. I have my own share of chronic pain and totally understand the inner conflict that you struggle with. It's the pain versus the side effects of the meds and the debilitating effects of both. :confused:

I had a talk with my doctor regarding this....I would refuse to take the Percocet that he perscribed for me. He told me that the pain meds were there for when I needed and that I wouldn't become addicted when using them when I really needed them. And so I did. You must know the times the pain exacerbates and you need the should take them if needed. Instead of taking mine around the clock I took it when I needed it most at bedtime. Perhaps you will need to do the same.

For now....after a week of being off the meds the worst should be over. Are you having any tremors or sweating??? The nausea & stomach discomfort should be getting better as well. Try to eat yogurt and fortified drinks. Increase your B12 vitamins which is great for stress on our bodies which yours is certainly going through.

To be honest, I have no real experience with this to feel confident on how to best advise you in terms of a pain rehab program. And from what you describe, it doesn't sound as if you are addicted but I know you Stacy....I think that some of your behavior is attempting to seek out the inner balance you need in all the wrong places rather than coming from you. You are a beautiful young lady who is so intelligent and strong. I think that you are coming to a realization in your life that you need to be more in control of it's direction and that perhaps being on the meds has made it extremely difficult to do so. And so there's a strong need to get off of them so you can see more clearly.

I think in time you will find a balance and acceptance that there are times you will need the pain meds and times that you won't. So long as you can discover this you should be fine. I really do not see that you are an abuser of these meds.....just someone who doesn't like the effect they impose upon your life.

Perhaps it's time you face your fears....what would be the harm in your going to a support group of some sort?? People who have something in common with you like chronic pain?? Why not give it a try like you have other things in life?? Forget about the reactions of others in your past.....go in with a clean slate without the feeling that everyone is going to dislike you. Courage is facing your fears and you can do it. already have :D

I want you to know that I am here for you and praying that you will find what you need at this time in your life. As far as your doctors I would definitely advise you to tell them of your decision and ask for their support and guidance. They will help answer your questions and perhaps recommend a support group that you may benefit from.

I am sure that you will find many posters here who have tried to give up oxycontin and will share their personal experiences as well. And I am certain that from what you have described that you will be relieved to hear from others besides me, that you do not seem to fit the addictive criteria....but of couse I am not an authority on that having never been there. have my support and love as always ~ Goody :wave:

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