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I am a recovering Vicodin user so my drug of choice was a little different from yours. My very basic knowledge about Xanax is that it can be extremely difficult to quit emotionally and physically is dangerous to quit cold turkey. You definitely need the help of a doctor. I would encourage you to really think about the inpatient recommendation, get a second opinion if it would help you make your decision but it is important to do your homework. I suggest reading as much as you can about recovery & addiction. I found it so helpful in many ways and it is a great way to take some control over a very out of control problem, addiction.

The other suggestion I have is to not do this alone. It is important that you have both the support and accountability that comes with telling others close to you. It also makes the problem more real when it is verbalized. I found that if it stayed in my head I could rationalize all sorts of ridiculous things, usually with the outcome of me using. The addicted mind is totally f'ed up, don't trust it in early recovery. You have already told your doctor which is great and this board is also a great start. It is my opinion that you need to tell someone else close to you but everyone is different. I believe we all have to figure out our own path, that it is part of the recovery. There is no easy way, no quick fix which is what we addicts like. Take a pill and bam things seem better. more suggestion since you seem open to reading is the book "A Million Little Pieces" by James Frye. I read it a year ago and was blown away by his story. I literally couldn't put the book down. He supposedly wrote it that way so non-addicts could experience some of what it feels like to be compulsive. It is a true story about his experience in rehab.

Anyway...I hope in some small way I have been helpful. Hang in there and trust that you are on the right path.

Just remembered one other thing...I think you should be peaking in terms of withdrawl symptoms, the physical stuff should start to improve frome here on out.

Take care.

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