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I hope you are getting some rest as I type this. I just got finished reading through your post. I agree with arememom, let go and let God's will take care of this. The only thing you can do now is see what happens at TJ's school and go from there. If he hasn't been in legal trouble, hasn't failed a drug screen and isn't in any trouble I just can't see how they can do anything to him for getting his life in order and getting clean. Are his grades okay? Attendance? I know for a fact that some police officers and justice officials are recovering addicts and doesn't that just make them better at their job? I think so. They have an understanding others might not have.

So what if they know he's in a Methadone program. If he's asked about it and confronted with the information, stay calm, be brutally honest and explain to them that he is getting his life on track. Maybe even tell them recovering from addiction is one of the things that makes Criminal Justice a good help others on the same road find the road to recovery and to help get the drugs off the street so maybe one addict might be saved. He's doing the right things and that counts for alot. The world is filled with doctors, lawyers, police officers, homemakers, mothers, and so many others that are recovering or who have yet to find the answer. You are not unique. To hell with what they might "think" about him...he isn't using illegal drugs..they are prescribed and you are doing what is necessary to straighten out your life. I just can't see how they can do anything to him for taking a prescribed drug and going to rehab and NA meetings.

Remember how the steps can apply to any situation in life? This is definitely one of those situations. You are powerless over this now. Don't try to over control it. Hit your knees and pray for guideance. That doesn't make it any easier and it's okay to be angry..I would be too..but look at what you can change and what you can't. Remember the serenity prayer?

If his records have somehow made their way out of the's most likely a HIPAA violation. But I just can't see how they can do anything to him at school for doing the right thing. Jeez..he can't be the only student at that school who has ever had a drug problem. In fact...I'm sure there are plenty in active addiction we just don't know about.

It may not seem like it now, but on the other side of this all will be okay one way or the other. Get out of the way and let things happen. Handle it as it comes. Don't get too far out there. We can always imagine much much worse than reality.

Post and vent dear...make sure TJ reads these responses. It's going to be okay.

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