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I am going to make this brief as possible and if you guys think I should take this to another post,I will do so,its just most of you guys no my brief info and wanted to get the advice of people I have come to trust and it doesnt hurt that I find them smart, witty and goes...never ever had panic attacks,in reality I really thought they were like a made up thing, but ever since the BIG more pills, I think maybe I have had one or 2 or 5 or guys following me........have read some on the other boards, but I think they will tell me its from detoxing and i have detoxed before and no, here is the short of the store perfectly fine,,,,,,,,,,,,not stressed or anxious about anything, now my hands have been getting tingly on and off for years, because they think I have carpal tunnel, whenever i am driving they feel a little tingly and when i move them out of the postion they are in they stop,like right now typing, they are getting tingly....back to the story,no anxiety,in the car,start sweating A LOT...go into another store, get that werid feeling,legs and hands feel shaky,get like a werid feeling in my belly,goes right away,i feel my heart beat in my chest and ear........werid i shortness of breath, no chest pain, just out of sorts like i might pass out but keep telling myself i am not, keep on shopping like a goof ball.......feeling overewhelemed, i guess just not feeling normal,i know i have felt nothing but high the past 3 years,but you know what i mean...just not right....kinda feel tired,,,you guys get what i am saying...kinda feel like this inside :bouncing: ....but weak on the outside check out,in the car and feel like as long as i focus on something i am ok...make it up the stairs right to the bed,down a Ativan .05mg,face is very hot,have stopped sweating....lay down,ice on my head and after about 20min, i am me again..............soooooo...the question is??? PANIC ATTACK??? AND do you get those after you detox if you have never had them before...maybe i have always had themand was to high to know....any input would be freaked me out,how can i get a panic attack when i am not anxious about anything???..thats what makes me nervous.....but as i type this i feel fine, i know i need to eat,hands are still a bit tingly but as soon as i stop typing they stop......thanks guys,you always can put my mind at ease.....................CHRISTINE

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