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[QUOTE=sk777]Sleep. Gorgeous, glorious 7 hours of sleep. Of course now my body just wants to sleep. I think today is going to be better than yesterday...

Kev, how are you? Did you sleep?[/QUOTE]

I finally got some sleep but after taking 2 ambien, doesn't this suck. Some of the things we get our selves into. I was doing better until I had to start taking this antibiotic "Luvican or something like that". I just wonder if or when this deal will get better. I just took .5mg of Klonipin and feal a bit better. I'm sorry but I didn't keep up with all the meds you were comming off of? Are you older or younger? I'm only 37 and this deal makes me feal 87, Kev
Also I have managed to go without taking a Percocet today but I don't think it will last because the pain is getting bad. It helps to have someone to talk with thats going through the same mess. My doc gave me some Lunesta to try, I don't know if its a good or bad thing., Kev

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