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thanks for answering. Just got him some tynol ( sorry for sp) and some pm for him to sleep with. I feel like crying because you responded as bad as that sounds lol. It has been hard and this is the first time I have ever talked with anyone about this. I know about the long road ahead. Everything that I have read gives me no hope except a rough one. My family doesn't even know that he is trying to get off. THey lost so much respect for him when they found out a couple of monthes ago when I left him for a while. But I went back to try to taper him off. But last wed. he lied about money and put us in the hole really bad. I looked up clinics and they all cost money. Which we don't have. ANd he used to be a junkie and did the rehab thing when he was younger and he says they don't work. I have never been addicted to anything well except cig. I even quit smoking pot three monthes ago with no effects at all. I just want him better and my family healthy again. I love him so much. But really wanted to say thank you for talking to me. I gives me hope and know someone wants to hear at least cry or vent .

THANks!!! :angel:

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