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Ive been addicted to opiates for a few years but my current stint is currently 5 months at around 50mg a day oxycodone....

Do you reccomend tapering or just quitting cold turkey

I have immodium and some suboxone and benzos... . What does everyoen reccomend as being the fastest and painless way...

I dont really wanna take the sub cause i want to be opiate free and than start the long journey of staying clean... Thanks for the help

Im so afraid of withdrawal, ive gone thru it so many times im not sure what to expect this time..

I also smoke weed everyday... I want to quit that aswell... Im thinking its a bad idea to quit both at the same time... But i want to be clean..

However, i do think benzos are strong enough to rid my usual anxiety from weed and opiates

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