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Re: Ultram Taper
Dec 8, 2005
Vicky - you are so smart to give your meds
to your brother - he sounds like a good guy.
If my sis lived in the same town, I would do
the same..but so far I am OK this time...

Will your abdominal pull heal, or will you
need surgery? What a crazy thing to happen!
Sounds like you are doing great dealing with
a hard situation as far as pain meds!

Dale -thanks for the kind words! Ultram does
work great for back pain. Just be really
vigilant about not taking more than prescribed -
you don't want to be where I am! You have
done a super job in a short time, with some
very difficult circumstances - I will also
take a minute to tell you to protect yourself
financially right now. I understand not wanting
to appear like you care only about the money.
However, losing your financial support
is part of the package. She may need a dose
of reality - most likely she'll have to work, unless
daddy will support her?

Take care , all - 12 pills again today.. no w/d feelings..
maybe this will be THE time!! When I get to 8, I will
probably stay at that amt thru the holidays - it is the
actual prescribed amount - and my back is a problem..
Bye, guys! Lizzie
Re: Ultram Taper
Dec 9, 2005
Tina, my sis, who happens to be a doctor, had really
severe endometriosis. Like you, she fought it, trying
to have kids. She did not try to have kids until 38,
because she and her husband were so busy establishing
careers. Anyway, she was not able to get pregnant,
probably due to scar tissue - but they adopted 3 great
kiddos. Everything worked out great.

She went ahead with the hysterectomy at 40, and
said it was the best thing she ever did. No more
PAIN!!! The surgeon said it was everywhere when they
went in.

I guess my point is A) you are not alone B) even if you
do get a hysterectomy, the kid thing works out! C)The
hysterectomy cured all of her pain..

I'm too emberressed to tell her about this pill thing, because
she is a doctor(although, they must see it all the time!).
But my other sis, I'd have her help me in a heartbeat,
except she's 600 miles away!

Thanks for the encouragement - take care- Lizzie

Holly -

I always have trouble when I am getting ready to shop.
I love to get a good buzz, and get "lost" in bargain
hunting at TJ Maxx or the mall.

I know what you mean about taking 4 the morning
after falling asleep early. It takes that many to
shake the creepy crawlies...I HATE that feeling!!

When I first started Ultram, I swear it did not give
me a buzz. Weird, huh? It took like 6 months, and
sort of snuck up on me...I've been taking a boatload
for 5 years, and haven't noticed many ill effects yet.
But, maybe I've been too buzzed to notice any!!

Tonight, I really want to take 3, instead of the 2
I have left for the day. Not quite sure why..I am
going shopping, but 1 extra isn't really going to send
me flying...I'm waiting 30 minutes before taking the last
dose - maybe I'll be OK by then....

Take care, I appreciate the support!! Lizzie
Re: Ultram Taper
Dec 9, 2005
Thanks for the support Lizzie. I have thought about adoption already. I have 4 great adopted pets and while I know that children are entirely different than adopting a pet it is the same type of mentality. There are so many children in the world that NEED loving parents and homes. I would love to be able to do that. Having my own biological children is not terribly important to me although I would like to have the choice when the time comes... IF the time comes. Honestly I am not a huge fan of children all the time. BUT my doctors are the ones that have been adament of my not having the hysto yet. I have asked to have it done several times because so many people do end up pain free afterwards... They keep saying as long as they can maintain pain control for me they want to wait. Even knowing that I have had problems with the pills they STILL want to keep me on them. Unfortunately you cannot force a doctor to do surgery on you otherwise I probably would, that is how sick and afraid I am of having to be in pain and on meds for the next 5 years. It is terrifying to me to think of how hard it is going to be to eventually have to go off the meds after 5 more years of building an even stronger tolerance and physical dependency to them. But I have talked to 5 doctors over the years and each one has refused surgery. It's actually very frustrating!

Your sister, the doctor, might be more understanding than you think about your pill problem Lizzie. They see this sort of thing SO much, not to mention the high number of doctor and nurses that become addicted to prescription meds. I wish your other sister was nearer to you so that you could have some up close and in person help and support. Do any of your friends know about your problem? I have not told any of my friends that I have had any problems with my pills. They all know that I am on them of course for my pain, but they don't have any idea how hard it is for me to maintain proper usage of them. They just wouldn't get it. None of my friends have ever experienced anything like this. They think when I am was on the vic's that it is like one vicodin every 6 hours and to them that seems like SO much. Yeah, right! And now, they don't even know what methadone is!! That is why I am so incredibly grateful to have my brother. I don't know what I would ever do if he moved as far away from me as your sister is! At this point I don't even know what I would do if he moved out of my basement!!! :)
Re: Ultram Taper
Dec 10, 2005
Hello to Tina, Holly,Begin,Buzz,and everyone!
Woke up feeling really ucky - w/d type ucky.
I also had some righteous back pain - maybe
w/d, maybe the disc thing.

I slept in until 8, and I usually take my first dose at 6,
so that is probably why I felt bad. I was 2 hours
late for my first dose of the day. I am going to
wake up for my scheduled doses from now on -
even when I can sleep in...I can always doze off again!!

I am still pretty much on schedule - yesterday I
succumbed, and took 13, instead of 12. I'm not
quite sure why, but it's back to 12 today..

I think I'll stick to 12 for a bit longer - it's a heck
of a lot better than the 18-20 I was taking!!
I'm thinking Wednesday or Thursday I will
cut back by cutting a quarter of a pill off -
making each dose 2.75. , or about 11 pills
per day.

Tapering seems to be the way to go for me.
I could not have done it so far w/o the support
of everyone here. Thank you!

Tina - you are probably right about my sister!
None of my friends know, either. I think they
would be shocked!! They know I take something
for my back, but....I wonder if they will notice
a difference in my personality? I wonder if I
will notice a difference? Lizzie

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