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Hi Everyone, I Fairly New Here and Thought Id Share....I Have Taken Ultram for Approx 5yrs Now and Don't Let Anyone Kid You While Its Not a Narcotic it is Addictive! I Suffered a Gunshot Wound That Caused me to Lose About 50% of the Bone in my L Leg and Severe Muscle Lose. My Leg Only Hurts When I Walk....Anyway I Have Taken Over The Years Hydro's ,Talwin,etc. The Ultram Works Good For Me, But as Anyone Who Deals with Chronic Pain Knows Sometimes You Just Get Tired of Taking Pills and Your Life Revolving Around Them ( At Least I Do/Did). I Was Taking 8 50mgs a day and Quit C/T
3 Weeks Ago. The First 5 Days Were Tough Like Severe Flu And Hurt All Over.
My Problem Now is My Leg is Still Hurting and I Don't Know What Else I Can Take. Don't Want to go Back to Hydros Because I Had a Very Bad Tolerence
Build Up. My Lifestyle is effected Big Time Not Taking Some Type of Pain Med as I Can Not Walk or Stand Very Long. Probably Going to End Back Up on Ultram Because My Tolerence Never Really Changed on Them. Sorry This Post is So Long. But I Was Wondering If Anyone Had any Suggetions About Another Pain Med That Maybe I Have Not Heard of....Thanks and for Everyone Who Has Chronic Pain You Have My Prayers!!

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