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Hi Hun,
I can understand perfectly well where your friend is at this point in her life.Let me tell you its is awful,borderlining on what one thinks hel! would be like.I started my addiction several years ago because of a bad back accident that the doctors kept trying to "cover" up with pain meds and not do anything at all about them.Well one thing lead to the other and next thing I know I was taking way to many and was to the point I wasnt able to even function without them.Well it got to where I was taking what the doctor had given me up before the month was close to being thru and was having to get out and try and find them on the streets,which I wouldnt recommend anyone doing because its dangerous and the chance of being arrested it very high.Well I had a "friend"with whom her i was getting the Oxy's from her husband and she introduced me after watching me either swallowning or chewing them to snorting the oxy's which was a toatlly different world.I tried your traditiona detox&rehab centers with no luck,well someone told me about the methadoneprogram and its been the BEST thing to ever happen to me,Not only and I able to function on a normal basis,I feel normal and better than I had have in a long time.I have been on the program for 22months as of right now and during that time I have felt no need to use and now live a basic normal life.I spend more quality time with my family whose finally has their mom back and then I also have been back working in the profession which Ive been trained making excellent money.Please tell her to hang in there because its Way worth it.If the person wants it and its done right.
My only suggestion is for you have her call the clinic and make sure that doesnt have something in her system in order to be dosed.If we didnt have anything at my clinic and from what Ive read from most then they wont take her.So even though I am not advocating her going and obtaining illegal drugs,she needs to make sure the clinic she is wanting to go to doesnt require then to be in her system and if thats the case she better get her something the couple days before hand so she dont mess herself up and isnt able to get her meds.And my number one advice to you is PLEASE stick by her during this because she is gonna really need a friend..WEll i am sorry I wrote a book,But please keep me updated this story has hit close to home..
take care ,

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