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[QUOTE=jayboy557]i take percocet for back problems. i do take more than i'm suppose to at times so my pain totally goes away. i was wondering what everyone thought was so great about these opiates and which ones they like the best. for me about an hour and a half after i take the percocet, i get tired and moody, and kinda feel hung over.

i'm asking because when it comes time to get off these meds, is it the short time that the med makes you feel good that everyone likes or do you use it to block out problems in life so as stress and depression and anxiety. i have anxiety so i was wondering if i could be taking more meds to get rid of the anxiety temporarily. i hope my questions aren't offensive. we all have problems and i'm concerned about my opiates use. jason[/QUOTE]

As a recovering opiate addict, I found the warm mellow pleasure of a typical opiate high to be that which is "so great about these opiates." No one can tell you that you are an addict, so I would suggest disregarding the first reply to your post. Since you are taking more than prescribed, you are now abusing perscription opiates (rather than simply using them correctly). Yes, people abuse opiates to (unsuccessfully) cope with anxiety/depression/etc. As the abuse progresses, the anxiety and depression get continually worse, and you require higher doses of opiates to feel any effect. You become physically dependent on them, and experience physical withdrawal symptoms if you don't take them every day or every few hours. Your questions are not offensive. If you think you might have a problem with this or any other mind or mood-altering drug, there are twelve-step fellowships designed to help you recover from this problem and improve your life. You can call information for a helpline to one of these fellowships. Good luck.

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