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Hey amster,yes I post here too.due to the fact that you have had high enzymes in the past,you really DO need to get them checked agin as the ultram itself can also cause the same type of problem and as quickly as you went thru them,this really could be a bigger issue right now.i am sorry the ultram was a flop too.Do a bit of research on ultram on one of those Rx sites.I just did a quick check as I did not know the ins and outs of this med and found some rather interesting info that you really do need to be aware of.this med as you know,does not work in the same way as opiates and also has a sort of anti D quality to it that other opiates do not.this med can also cause GI problems along with kidney and liver problems.get a blood work up at your docs on your liver and kidneys very soon to see just where those numbers are.i wish you could find that 'right" med for your pain amster,I really do.I know from what you have described,some of your pain syndromes are very similar to mine and i know just how horrid some of my generators can be at times.Considering the problems you are having with all the meds you are being Rxed,you may have to settle for a combo of non narcotic type of meds and other modalities to try and treat the are definitely not in control here,you know what I mean?I am so sorry you fell into this same crap I did oh so many years ago.It sucks,espescially when you are actually suffering with very severe pain.there are meds,like methadone,that actually would give you a much better shot at actually treating your specific type of neuro pain,really.i know how much you have been thru and how you even quit everything just recently,but you DO need to find the right meds here that are hopefully non narcotic as your control appears to be gone.i really do think that this all happened mostly due to the fact that when you started pain management,you were soo woefully undermedicated that in trying to just get an adequate level of relief you had to start changing things on your own and this is the result.This happens unfortunetly to alot of people.You really do need to have a heartto heart with your PM doc and work out something that will at least offer you some sort of control over your level of just simply cannot go on the way things are right now,you,as you already know,are getting no where as far as getting any relief.i do hope you can find that magic combo of meds that will help do need to adress this developing addction though amster,hit it now before you make some huge mistakes that will really really mess things upin your life even more than things are now.I really do feel for ya amster, do deserve better than what you have gotten in the past.good luck,marcia

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