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hey hun,
1rst off may I ask what you are taking? also have to ever tried any other ways of coming off ??Like rehab/detox or even a self taper??If not I think I would try that first and see if you are successful.You never know.I am currently on methadone maintanence for addiction to pain pills.Before I found methadone I had tried just about everything Ive been to detox,rehabs,tried the self taper coming off on my own and even NA/AA.For me they just didnt work.I can honestly say that methadone saved my life!As for your worry about giving up one addiction for another more potent one is a common methadone myth and is not accurate.People on methadone are not addicted to it they are dependant on it.Which is a major difference.Just as a diabetic is dependant on their insulin to live.For me when I was using/abusing pain pills in the depth of my addiction I lived and breathed those pills.I spent all my money time and energy in the pursuit and the taking of those pills.My whole life revolved around them.With my methadone I get up in the morning have my morning Dr.pepper(i hate coffee) and take my dose then I dont think about it for the rest of the day.Same as with my hormone pills I take at the same time.I dont think about them after Ive taken them.Now my life revolves around my family and work and other things that bring me joy.I am now working at a job I love making awesome money in a field that I wouldnt work in while I was so deep in my addiction.You see I had worked way to hard to get my nursing license to lose it over the temptation of the narcotic drawer.My point is that because of and with the help of methadone my life doesnt revolve around my addiction.I have other things to think about now.What I think I would do if I were you is take advantage of your computer and do some research on methadone and/or subuxone(sp?).There are great articles and some really good message boards thats focus is on methadone for the treatment of addiction.One awesome website to get information on it is go to page 2.You could also call your local methadone clinic and ask them if you can come in and talk to someone about the program and what to expect.If you have any questions or want to talk to someone about this feel free to email me at [email][email protected][/email]..I would be happy to help you in anyway I can.I am gonna pray that everything works out well for you.I hate to see my sisters/brothers that are trapped in the jaws of addiction.I hope this little bit of info helped you any.Take care of yourself and good luck.............

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