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I really seriously doubt that this has anything at all to do with the pain meds unless she is actually having some sort of allergic type of reaction.I would be MUCH MUCH more concerned about the way she is using her meds,really.It does appear she has an addiction problem.she IS abusing her oxy by bypassing the intended delivery DO NOT chew them so you can get all the med at one time,ever.Just what was the oxy Rxed for anyway?I think that being on the fioricet for so long that she started to become addcted to it and is also now becomming addicted to the oxy.the only reason someone would actually chew the tabs is for that instant high.i do think you need to discuss this with her at some point as this will only escalate into one hell of a major issue at some point.there are also many many non narcotic or non barbitruate(if I remember right,the fioricet actually contains some sort of barb too) types of migrane meds out there that are even better at treating migranes and can just stop them in there tracks.She ideally should be taking one of these types of meds instead of wht she is currently taking.If she refuses to even try the other migrane options then she has most likely become addicted to it and will not give them up without a fight.she does need help though,and an in depth chat with her may have to try and talk her into this and it will be difficult.but once you confront her on this at least she will know that you are aware of the addiction and that she is abusing meds that can be fatal if not taken as directed.hopefully she will see what she is doing and get the help she needs.if she does not,this will escalate to some really big problems espescially when or if she gets cut off from these meds somehow.i really am rather curious as to just what she was Rxed the oxy for??Good luck,Marcia

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