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Hi proward, i kinda remember your name from awhile ago....
If i were you, i would taper down the best i could with the more oxy. Oxy is a big comedown in itself, never mind mixing methadose and crack into the mix. Set your mind up that there is no more crack or oxy....and you only take tiny amounts of the meth to starve off w/d..... Otherwise i would go in-patient. I think it is gonna be a rough w/d for you. Meth's half-life is longer than other opiates...
NA is a super, super idea....reach out when you are there, don't just sit in the back...make yourself known as a newbie, and you will be helped.
It is o.k. to go to meetings puking sick.....i did when i was kickin' oxy, and although it wasn't pretty....the people there knew i was serious about cleaning up my act. I eventually had to go to the ER, cuz i had such bad stomach cramps i was keeled over....the runs made me dehydrate too. A friend of mine just went to treatment for pain pills 3 weeks ago....he was in there 5 days and they did a taper with suboxone. He is doing really well, i can't believe it. He claims he has no energy, but i see him doing more now than i ever have in the past few years. He was looking to get on sub. for maintanence, but the waiting list is 3+ he is hanging in there.

I wish you the best....stay focused these next few days and weeks. You are definitely gonna be feeling like crap, but use that meth whenever you feel the w/d symptoms creeping up. Make up your mind you aren't gonna get high on it and it is strictly used for dope-sickness....
I will check in on you.....i know how hard this is gonna be....stay strong!
lots of luv
p.s.....don't forget some dramamine for puking and anxiety, Immodium for runs, hot baths for restless leg....vitamin water works good for that too! Do you have anything for anxiety? If you don't have any benzos, you better grab some herbal tea or tylenol p.m..... Make a shopping list, maybe rent a few movies, grab a couple of magazines.....try to "prepare" so it won't be that bad....
I have been thru oxy w/d 1000 times, it sucks no matter how you look at it.
You will be in my thoughts and prayers....hang in there!

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