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[QUOTE=barbaric_yalp]Gina, If I am correct, you are saying that you have used this tapering method before and it has not worked??? Perhaps I am wrong and this will be your best bet.

However, if that is the case, then tapering may not be the best way. I tried this method and was back on the take due to the fact that it is so easy to up your dose after getting the initial high while you are trying to come down. Ironic isnt it? You may have to suffer through cold turkey wds. I did this, very difficult, but one thing I can say for this method is that it reinforces my resolve NEVER to pop even one pill. I don't want to go through wds anymore. Where as the taper method caused me to tell myself well, the wds are not so bad, so if I just do it for another week, I can taper THEN. Well, ask your self, when will that time come?? Remember these are WMD's for people like us!!!


V. Oxy. Percs, etc: Weapon of Mass Destruction.

If not WMG's: Weapons of Mass Guilt[/QUOTE]

What do you think my withdrawls will be like and for how long I started cold turkey today no access to anymore percs. I seem fine so far just anxiety but I have xanax and trazadone to help me sleep tonite, I hope. What do you think? Thanks again.
[QUOTE=helpmarie]hey xray, you always speak the cold truth :cool: it is a simple yet almost impossible fact to convince myself of, though, in case you were wondering ... STILL CLEAN :bouncing: some days are good, and some are quite difficult. yesterday i really, wanted a pill ... you know the feeling, just one to relax after a tense day and help me sleep. i am proud of myself that i got through the night but still i hate myself for being an addict because i know if i had a pill i would have taken it. you know what i mean? just as i am proud of myself for getting through the past few weeks, however, at least a dozen times i have searched every drawer, pocket and bag looking for just one. ok, you get the idea, i will stop w/the negative thoughts i'm sure we all have. on a positive, the good days are beginning to outway the not so good.
to you gina, i agree w/barb. tapering hasn't seemed to work for you ... or many of us, just read more posts. it was impossible for me to taper. the more pills i had the more i took. i would put some here had there, i would leave them at work when i went home and at home when i went to work. 2-3 hours into the day i would be making that drive across town, packing up the 2 kids or telling my husband i forgot something at the office. i now admit i have absolutely no control over the pills, they have complete control over me and i need to take every step that i never come face to face w/one again.[/QUOTE]
Actually I started cold turkey today for not having any access to anything, and so far feel find just anxiety. What am I going to go through and for how long. Thank you so much for your words.

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