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Hi Scott-
Opiate addiction is a real mind-bender..ive had a problem for over 10 years..and finally sought treatment w/ suboxone..
ive been off all opiates for 3 months.
I can relate to your wanting/craving the cravings are fairly minimal now-but they still come up-triggers,etc..esp. feeling bored..overwhelmed/depressed.
You've had many years w/out dope/minus the cough syrup..fairly low-key in the spectrum of opiates-but continueing to put them in your body is feeding the monster.I agree-Drs. will ply you w/ benzos/antidepressants and other stuff-but not a vicodin,etc..
I don't know what to tell you-except..i understand.
Maybe speaking to an addiction therapist/or NA..might help to minimise some of that obsession-esp. seeing that stuff at work..its gotta be tough.
Like you-i wonder if this will ever go away-but im still in early recovery..
ggrl :angel:

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