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when you come clean with your doc,you need to come totally clean,espescially considering the exterme amounts of the nrco you have been taking for an extended period of could very well have suffered some significant damage to your liver and your kidneys.they can only handle so much at a time and by going wayyy over the recomended dosing you have put them under way too much stress by slamming them with many times the actual dosing amount recomended per 24hours.even taking the actual recomended amount for an extended period of time will cause accumlative damage but doing this almost daily at the extreme amounts you are taking will cause irreverasble damage to your kidneys and possible irreversable to your liver.the liver is much more forgiving than the are definitely going over the max limit per 24 hours,which is 4000mgs.on the days you stated you were taking like 20 norco per day,you were actually ingesting around 6500mgs of tylenol.thats ALOT of tylenol.your liver just cannot take that much in such a short period of will have to discuss this with your doc during that appt you are going to be having,you have to obtain your labs on the liver and kidneys to check all of those levels,hopefully they are still within the normal ranges.but even if by some chance,they still are in the norm,you can still have some pretty extensive damage to both liver and kidneys and have alot of underlying damage going on,trust me on that kidneys look horrible upon ultrasound espescially my L one as I have polycystic kidney disease,but rather amazingly,all of my labs are still(thank god) within the norm.they will change at some point in time when the damage becomes worse and reaches that 'magic' level.the thing about labs when done on any givenorgan is that you will not actually see any changes in the labs until the actual amage to the organs hits that certain level,and by that time,in alot of cases,the damage can be pretty severe.Getting labs and an ultrasound will really give you the best picture of how they are really doing.This HAS to be looked into.I am not telling you this to scare you,really.just to inform you of the possible dangers of taking the amounts of tylenol you have been taking.

i am glad you are deciding to finally come clean with your doc and you HAVE to do this.i know this is so incredibly hard,i have been where you are at way back when but once you tell him and get it all out,and after you give him the most deepest heartfelt apology of your life,you WILL feel as though this giant rock has just been lifted off your chest.There are other ways of treating chronic pain other than using actual narcotics.I suffer from extremely dibilitating pain caused by severe nerve and spinal tract damage done to the inside of my spinalcord and was forced,after many many years of being totally clean and sober,to have to go back onto narcotics.the only way I was going to actually do this was thru an actual pain clinic as they are very very strict in just what and how they Rx any sort of narcotics.signing that contract with them and and adhearing to all of the many rules and regs that come along with it is the only way I would do this,or should say would be ABLE to feel comfortable doing this?

Just what is the actual cause of your pain?what other things have you tried to help control it besides the narcotics?there are many many other modalities that you can try besides the narcotics alone.have you tried any other actual meds other than narcotics?

I know this is going to be hard for you,and the support will be know we are always here but hopefully you will goto an NA meeting and stay with these people who can help you face to fae.going thru a good treatment program either in patient or out patient will help you too.this is what really helped me the most.I did out patient.back when this all happened with me though,unfortunetly,addiction to painkillers was not like it is today and amazingly,when I was in the actual treatment program,I was the only person in it,out of sixty some people who was there because of strictly an addiction to pain meds,the only flippin one.Luckily for me though,one of the counselors was a recovering pain med addict.she was an RN who had also been stealing meds from her work and also forging scripts.thankfully,I never got that far.But she was the only person that could really relate to what I was dealing with.luckily??,abuse of pain meds is so very wide spread and you will have plenty of company and that is really a huge deal,trust have to just stay strong and be ready to deal with whatever comes your CAN do this.and you are much much stronger than you think you are.but you DO need to really be totally up front with this doc and let him know just how badly you feel about betrying his trust,and ask him to please don't give up on me,please help do not want to lose this particular doc,and will have to follow whatever he Rxs as the 'plan' you will follow.he will be somewhat pissed off about this but at the same time,he knows what addiction can do to people too.just be totally honest with him and put yourself in his hands.

You ARE on the right the saying goes,just take things one day at a time,really.I know it can sound really corney,but it truely IS the best way to tackle this type of a problem.please keep us all posted and know that we are all pulling for you.stay strong and determined to kick this addictions ***.Good luck,Marcia

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