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Hey everyone. This is not an easy thing to talk about. I think I have a vico addiction. I hate it, but love the pills. I dont take ALOT. Never go over 4 a day.. now its at 2.5 a day. I really am in pain though. I have chronic muscle spasms in my back and radiculopathy (look it up). I have horrible spasms in my hip right now. The problem is, i find myself taking them when I dont really NEED to. I crave it all the time, and think about them alot. I started counting, looking at the calender to see how many days i have left etc. After my pregnancy I had to get loads of dental work done. Root canals, Caps etc. He kept refilling them EVERY time. They always had one refill too. 20 pills plus refill. I didnt only take it for gum and dental pain. My back hurt too and so did my legs. It was conveniant!! I had to start going back to my neuro-muscular and he put me on .5 xanax for restless legs and gave me low dose percocet (2.5, which is like candy) I kept those pills for when I ran out of VICOS. The mornings are the worst for me. I am so stiff, my back kills me etc. I sometimes think the vicos make me worse. I wonder if its a side effect. The first thing I do in the morning is take a pill, or else I will be suffering. I also notice it makes me so pissed off. I sweat alot too!
Now something happened the other day that scared the crap out of me. I got a letter in the mail from the insurance company stating there may be an overuse of drugs, or interaction problems and they were sending a similiar letter to my doctors!! I ALMOST DIED. They wanted me to call my dcotor to talk about the letter but I didnt. Instead I wrote the insurance company a letter. It is true, half the things on there I dont take. Muscle relaxers that made me feel HORRID, and pain killers that made me feel sick. Codeine to be exact. The doctor switched my meds alot because of side effects. So maybe the insurance company just wants to make sure im not taking them all. But the thing that freaked me out, the hydrocodone shows up SO many times from the dentist, and I never told my neuro. I am so scared hes not gonna treat me anymore, or hes gonna call me a pill seeker. I just wish I didnt have chronic pain. I felt so good during my pregnancy. The doctor says it was because of the hormones. I'm gonna be going in for trigger point shots soon, and Im so scared he has the letter. im hoping they didnt send it to him, and just the primary who i dont even go to.
My husband just thinks "You're in pain and they help" He doesnt see me stumbling all over. I dont act "high" I NEVER TAKE 2 AT ONCE!! NEVER EVER.. He just hates seeing me in pain so he was actually happy that the nuero prescribed this for me. He gave me 100!!! And I could have sworn there was no refills, but the pharmacy made a mistake and put ONE refill!! In the back of my head im hoping and praying that it really is a refill. My doc never puts refills on narcotics because most pharmacys now a days wont refill them, but theres one family pharmacy in my city that does refill them. I took these too fast though. I think I started taking like 3.5 a day, sometimes 4. Then I put a stop to that when I saw how fast they were going.

It was in the manufactures bottle and everything!! It was like christmas when i got them.. HOW HORRIBLE IS THAT?!! I started exercising, stretching etc because i had them. I feel so energized when them. I have my own business (ebay store) and I always have to take one in order to work and take picture of the clothes. My back hurts when i sit here. It shoots down my thighs etc..

I also get a craving when theres a social event of some sort. I also wanna call people over for coffee!! I WANNA PICK UP THE PHONE AND TALK TAlK TALK!! But the highs arent always good. I llove the warm fuzzies. But sometimes it makes me so cranky and HOT.

I need to know if its the vicos making me so stiff and spasmy in the morning. Hip/Back etc. It forces me out of bed. The longer I lay there, the worse.

What do you guys think?

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