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[B]WELL[/B] I caved yesterday about 5:00 and talked my husband into giving me a 7.5mg percocet. Gosh it was great too :o .

I was mentally and physically weak, kinda like how you felt yesterday evening, Deb. (I know what you mean about the smoking thing, I am a smoker too and yeah not in the house either for the same reasons my children) Good luck today, it will be over with before you know it and then you will also have a better idea about the job and your position and the people you will be dealing with.

Tina you hit the nail right on the head about how I felt all day yesterday.
But damn it the pill made me feel so much better and my kids and I had a blast together last night! (7.5mgs/day better than 60/day) is what I am thinking today.

My poor husband was so busy yesterday he really didn't have time to help me but just hand me a pill and give me a hug. I know we shouldn't have them around at all but we both don't want me to suffer and kind of bad withdrawals so that's why we ended up getting some to have just in case.

Yesterday was a real down day as far as the withdrawals go, not sick or anything like that and I gave in to the pill just because of a down, blah feeling. How [B]WEAK[/B] is that!!!!!! :o

I just don't know what to do from here :confused: .

Thanks for being here for me Deb, Tina, Lisa, B.Y. and Everyone!!!


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