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As you have read in my other threads my brother is a crack addict. He also has Hep B.... What is wrong when he is coughing blood and his urine is bloody ???
Hi there,

Well, I'm no doc obviously. I would go to webMD and put those symptoms in and see what they get. But the peeing blood usually means a kidney infection. Coughing blood too, sheez.... he might have screwed up his lungs with the crack. Sounds like he should get himself over to ER. I hope he's ok, but I really hope this is his wake up call to get off of that junk!

Good luck!

You should get him to a doctor or ER ASAP. The coughing blood is probably just related to the crack...but peeing blood can be a very serious symptom of several different conditions.
You cannot get him to a Dr. He doesn't even go for any checkups for his Hep. or anything for that matter. He is petrified of Drs. When my mom has been in the hospital he turns white as a ghost...........Plus, I havent seen him since way before Christmas... I dont even know where he is.............:(
There is a Hepatitus forum on this board. Maybe you should post there.

good luck.
Peeing Blood is serious stuff. I had a friend who started to pee blood and he didn't go to the doc and he died a few months later of liver and kidney problems. He basically drank himself to death.

If you can find him and track him down, do whatever you can to get him to a doc. Even if you have to involve the authorities. It might save his life.

Anytime blood is involved, ie. peeing or coughing, etc., it is serious stuff.

I did some research on line about blood in the urine and it is VERY serious and can indicate a lot of serious medical conditions, it could have something to do with his kidney's. He needs to see a DR right away, this is not to be taken lightly. When you can see the blood in the urine that is NOT a good sign.

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