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Re: Hey GINA----
Feb 26, 2006
WOW Tina and Deb, you guys have great memories!!! You two are so sweet, I don't know what I would do without you!!!!!

Deb, you sound so much better, thank GOD!! I was so worried about you!!

Yeah, Tina, I take 50mg trazadone to sleep at nite. Are you the one that is on trazadone too or was that Lisa? I think I am going to up the trazadone for w/d week, I also have xanax but I hate xanax, but I will take it for this week if I have too, I think I took xanax and trazadone to sleep one nite when I CT'ed last time and it helped. But I don't know if that is a good idea or not but I DO know that the restless leg crap kept me awake after a day or two into it and that was enough to make me go back! :eek: I also been taking the Effexor which I have been on for awhile now, and a muti-vitamin and a B complex. Do you think I should taper down a little from 40mgs first? Gosh, if so I hope you let me know before I start ct tomorrow. lol

I have to go to a horrible funeral tomorrow of a girl that is 40yrs. old that I know her 2 kids, 5yrs. and 9 yrs. old, and her EX-husband is our good friend. Her ex-husband had her served to get full custody of the kids for she has a horrible boyfriend and he doesn't want the kids around him, and the day she got served with the papers she slit her wrists and killed herself. Happened Tuesday morning. Boy, I'd hate to be w/dling while I am there!!!!!!!!!!

Ok hope to here from all of you.
Luv ~Gina~

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