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Congratulations!!! 16 days is wonderful and definitely over the hump mark. I have detoxed off Xanax before so I can relate to what you have gone through. Xanax is one of the fast things to become addicted too and one of the worst to come off of. Now, for sleep. I agree about the Valerian Root as recommended in a previous post. You will likely need to substantially increase your level of it. When one is detoxing, especially off of Xanax, higher levels of anything is necessary in order to work. First of all, there is no magic so you will need to have reasonable expectations on results. Some of the things I found that helped were Nyquil, Valerian Root, Tylenol PM, Benadryl....all make you sleepy, you may find you need to experiment with a combination among them that works for you......just make sure you take early enough in the evening, about 30 min before bed. Also, right before bed take a HOT bath as hot as you can stand it, and make sure that you lay back in the tub and sink down in to ensure your neck is submerged....the hot water will relax the nerves. When you first go to bed or while in tub do the controlled concentrated breathing exercises along with muscle tightening and relaxing exercises. For example, what I found that helped me was first tighten up all the muscles in your body rigid....hold for a count of 5-10, how ever long it is comfortable for you, and then do a slow release and breathe slowly out...repeat 5 times...then repeat the cycle with only lower extremities, and then do upper extremities...then repeat doing one limb at a time....the process will physically relax you and force your mind to focus on a mindless relaxing the end you will find you are at least more relaxed than you were when you started.

Additionally, add a soothing warm cup of chammomile or green tea. Green Tea is an excellent anti-oxidant that will help rebalance your system.

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