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That's like telling an alcoholic they can have one drink because they had a really bad day...It doesn't work that way..

helpingdaughter - That isn't necessarily true when it comes to pain meds. There is never any NEED for someone to have a drink. There may be plenty of situations in a pain pill addict's life that may require them to have to take a narcotic in the is one example. And it IS possible. I'm a walking example of it. I had a vicodin addiction for 4 years. My medical condition prevents me from going off pain meds completely. So I had to find a way to get my addiction under control and still be able to treat my pain. Without the pain meds, I would not be able to walk or even get out of my bed. It's just a matter of finding a way that works for you. For me, it was using a different pain med, methadone, that doesn't give me that "buzz" I got from the vike's. And I also have my brother dole out my meds, but honestly I have not had one single craving for an extra pill in over two months. So I just wanted to point out that sometimes it may be necessary for an addict to need narcotic pain medication. Dale (Buzzkiller) is another example, he went thru heck to get off the pills and now he's ill and has no choice but to take them. Just because we are in recovery does not mean that we have to suffer thru unbearable pain. It is not the same as an alcoholic having a drink, not if the pill or injection is for TRUE and HONEST pain. Just my opinion. This is just a subject very close to my heart because one of my truest desires is to NOT have to take these damn pills anymore....but that is not an option for me so I HAD to find a way to control my addiction. It can be done.

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