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Hi Guys,
Havent Been On For Little While.for Those Of You How Dont Know Me I Have A 23 Year Old Daughter Who Is An Addict Of Oxys,vicodins , Herion Whatever Else She Can Find.i Have Custody Of Her Daughter.
I Thought I Was Doing Pretty Well Started Counseling And Have Pretty Much Stopped All Contact With My Daughter Except For When She Calls For Her Daughter.she Is Kicked Out Of The House My Eldest Son Has Made The Mistake Of Letting Her Stay There.but She Is Here And There Around Town.
Of Course She Is Furious With Me That I Will Not Let Her Back In The House Until She Can Get Clean And I Went Into Counseling And That Has Helped But I Gota Tell You The Hate She Has For Me Is Very Powerful And It Gets To Me On Days.
She Hs Called Me The C Word As Well As Other Words I Would Never Call Anyone In This World.
Ive Never Felt This Kinda Of Hate Directed At Me And It Is Very Hard To Take From My Daughter.i Have Tried To Help Her All Her Raising Her Daughter And She Hates Me.
Also My Husband And Myself Are Not Getting Along At All My 10 Year Old Son Just Will Not Accept Us Raising Our Grandaughter.HE CRIES CONSTANTLY OR THEY ARE ALWAYS FIGHTING AND ITS SO MUCH. She Has Behavior Problems And It Is Hard On All Of Us But I Love Her So Afraid My Husband Is Getting Sick Of This Everyday And Is Going To Leave.we Been Married Almost 19 Years.
Im Just Really Feeling Totally Lost, I Dont Know Whats Right To Do Anymore And I Dont Even Know Who I Am.ive Lost Myself In This Mess And Feel Like Theres Nothing To Look Forward To.
Thanks For Listening Again.

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