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My heart goes out to you with BC but I'm so happy you've gotten through that. I see alot of people posting about energy supplements and other chemically induced ways to get energy, I would like to say something about that but I will add my disclaimer: This is only MY opinion and what works for me and I am just sharing my experience.
I too was an opiate addict for a long long time. I took vicodine and norco, whichever was available. Last July I just couldn't live this way anymore and I quit cold turkey. Maybe that isn't the wisest way to go but I am an addict and there is no such thing as weening in my vocabulary. Anyway, like you and lots of others, I had NO energy. It was an effort to get out of bed the first month. I entertained the thought of something to 'pick me up' but I realized two things: 1-If I had taken anything to 'feel good' I would simply be substituting one drug for another and nothing was going to work as good as opiates and soon enough I would probably be taking them again. 2-alot of us have been using drugs for so long that we've forgotten how are natural state feels. Keep in mind, during detox and even the first few months in recovery your body is still adjusting to fuctioning without mood altering or enhancing chemicals. Give yourself a break, this is a rough time but it's also the beginning of a new way of life and I promise you won't feel the way you do forever. I'm going on 7 months and although I don't have the energy I had while on pills, I do have energy back. I just forget that I'm 45 and I'm not going to get my 20 yr old stamina back....ever :)
Keep us posted on how you are doing and remember as you are going through this it's one day at a time, sometimes one minute at a time but it will pass. And for the record, my laundry is over flowing, it's not that I have no energy, I just hate doing laundry :rolleyes:
You're in my prayers,

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