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Hey Shelley,

I've heard that tapering slowly is a key to not having such bad withdrawals. Like maybe take 2 1/2 today, and take them in halves instead of wholes to stabalize. Then in a few days, go to 2, etc. There are some good tapering recipes on this board. Personally, everytime I tried to taper I would start to get a buzz and think, to heck with it! and take my whole weekly allotted amount at once. NO Willpower! I'm kind of an all or nothing girl.

Lisa, energy supplements.... well not like the hydro also, must admit. Those things made me fly! But that nasty addiction side effect=not good.

I drink one or 2 red bulls a day, not sure if they help. I drink the sugar free ones, maybe that's why they aren't as effective. I've been taking a hoodia diet pill and it helps. Also, liquid B12 (from health food stores) gets in your system asap and seems good. And lots of coffee, diet mountain dew and diet coke. (I sound like the picture of health, LOL!) OK, I drink water too. But yea, I sometimes miss the energy blast, but remember when I was chasing my buzz and would get super aggravated and bitc8y once I passed the line from "energetic" to just angry.

Any non-narcotic energy ideas would also be appreciated.

Shelly, you are doing great girl!!!! :-)


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