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Sorry for what you are having to deal with but congrats on trying to get off the norco.i just had some advice on the leg spasms and pain?i suffer from hidious leg spastcity due to spinal cord injury and i also went thru my own addiction issues wayy back when and know about those spasms too.the best thing I have ever tried for the spasms and my now non stop spasticity is epsom salts.I take a cup of this stuff(you can buy it at any drug store)and just dissolve it in a tub full of hot water and soak in it for about a half hour before bed every night.epsom salts are just granulated magnesium(natures little muscle relaxer)this stuff is actually absorbed directly into the skin so it goes right to work on those muscles.this really does help me alot,just to be able to actually would be worth a try at least.if this can work on my level of spasticity I am pretty sure it will at least have some affect on yours.good luck.marcia

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