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Do you think that printing off a bunch of information on them as well as the side effects and problems that can arise when taking them would be a good idea or bad idea?? I would like for him to see what he is actually doing to himself...however, I dont want to push it too far and have him do the complete opposite of what I am trying to accomplish. The situation with your son's friend was very eye opening...I dont know how much worse it could get than something like that happening. I can only hope that he attempts to change his ways for his sake/life and his parents. After seeing what his friend went through your son still continued taking them? To me that would be a sign that I need to leave them alone when it hits close to home like that. I guess when you are that far into it that you either dont realize that it could happen to you or you are in denial that it will never happen to you. My boyfriend called me this morning and said he realized something today when he woke up...he cant drink when he takes bars...nothing I havent heard before so I will just see how long this idea lasts. I hope that it continues but I dont see him holding out on taking bars when he is planning on going to have some drinks, I mean he pops them starting off in the he would have to plan way ahead on going out for some drinks in order to make sure he isnt going to take any bars! Not to mention that they stay in your system and I know his body has a high build up/tolerance right now. I hate to think that I have no hope in what he says but it makes it hard when I look at his track record. I pray every day that I wont have to walk out the door on him...b/c I want him to succeed and conquer this, I just hope he realizes it before something like what your son's friend is going through happens.

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