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Hi Hydro, bless your heart for wanting to improve your life and that of your child. CT is hard, but you CAN do it. If you are at Day 4 or beyond you are sooooooooooooooooo close so do NOT abort the have been through the worst of it. There are a bunch of home remedy tips I have outlined in detail on another thread on this message board, Vicodin Home Remedy Detox, please review it for options that will help lessen particular you need to get some vitamin/nutritional supplements in you ASAP. Substance abuse of ANY type substantial robs the body of vital nutrients which contributes to WDs. It is best to build those up before beginning detox, but now that you are in the midst of it already all you can do is superdose yourself. Among others, you critically need VitB Complex, Zinc/Magnesium (only AFTER eating food or it WILL make you sick), and antioxidants (A,C, E, etc) to cope with drug toxicity issues. If you don't have any in the house, it is a lot to ask someone to pickup for you without it provoking a lot of questions...instead, call up someone who can shop for you, tell them you have a bad case of the is the flu season so no one will question it...ask them to go to Walmart and get you some Nyquil (for sleep & anxiety), Benadryl (will help sleep & anxiety), AIRBORNE tablets (has combo antioxidants A, C, E, in it----you will need at least 3 or 4 packets $5 ea at Walmart); also some Zinc/Magnesium 50 mg or higher, B-Complex 100 mg....if it is a Super-Walmart also ask them to get you some of the food items listed on the thread mentioned above....particularly bananas for will help with legs. Review the list with your current symptoms in mind and select things as noted that might help. Best of luck....hang in there!!!! When it seems it is at its worst is when you are just about to turn the corner so don't give in whatever you do!!!!

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