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you will meet many 'bragging cold-turkeys'---plenty of liars as well---Tapering and drugs is wise---'cold-turkey' smokers vs. 'taperers'? 80+% 'cold', go back---whatever the dope, dr., street, convenience store---Not tapering may make things worse---your body needs some time to adjust---i was an 'accidental-addict' scripted 60mgs/day of librium for panic that only hit occassionaly---i didn't notice a thing---'till i just quit---fine for 2 days, then went nuts with terror that got me 'thrown-in'---if i had tapered for months, that may have been avoided. from my view, tapering is smart, and opiates vs. bezos? a better problem. one that leaves you as You---i'm sure your pain wants to kick my rear---but rejoice---opiates (unless they kill ya, like Jimi) do not permanently whack your most critical mind functions---forever---i'm not selling opiates---the deal is Taper (you proceed at your level of 'bottom-line' need)---and never mess with benzos---popular street drugs---but interestingly, posters on 'benzo' forums discuss why their 'junky' gang has it so easy and they're still in Hell? believe me, from life---i'm an old man, seen a lot---you'll cruise thru this 'ring-of-fire'---and i hope you may see how lucky you are---you can't, you may want to understand. i would not wish that on the devil---let alone Stevie Kncks---my, my---she got 'got'---drs. all over looking for continuing clients---never take a benzo---taper any drug---but you've escaped 'the valley of the dolls'---so you may smile at your WD---it's not a 'life-sentence-to-demtia'---it leaves you 'as you were'---ill-informed or greedy drs.?
I'll never have your chance---as to taper---like coming down K-2---at your pace---only Your body knows. you want it, you get it---

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