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Hi Muler, congratulations on your decision to WILL be okay. At first your body is going to fight against you. At this stage your body is hurling everything but the kitchen sink at you to make you give it what it craves. Please resist the urge to abort the detox, and know that when the WDs are at its worst is when you are about to turn the corner so hang in there. Many of us have been through it, and we know it is not easy...far from it. Keep posting your symptoms and feelings. It will help you to journal your thoughts and it will help others who are reading and contemplating detox. For other detox OTC options you might want to review another thread on this board, Vicodin Home Detox. Right now I would think that it is very hard for you to concentrate so reading a book or other lengthy things will require too much least that is how it was for me. I felt like I was coming out of my skin at times where I couldn't be still with myself for even a minute. I would move from the bed to walking the floor to the hot tub back to the bed back to the floor back to the hot tub.....just keep rotating and keep those muscles moving to get your endorphins working. If you have any Benadryl or Nyquil try that. Also realize that avg recommended doseage levels are likely not sufficient to impact the intensity of WDs. But be aware that while super-dosing can bring relief, it also can present overdosing risks...something that every detoxer has to weigh for themselves. For me, I made the decision to just keep taking levels of OTC options until I achieved relief. I am not saying that is what you should do...just stating that is what I did. For me, I don't think I could have endured the WDs without doing that. Nothing completely eliminated the WDs but the OTC mega-dose approach lessened it enough that I was able to successfully complete the detox. Review the OTC list to see what options you have in the house to choose from. Quit worrying about work for now. That is Monday; this is Saturday. About every 12 hours you will transition through phases. You will likely be through the worst of it by Monday, but may not feel up to work. Post detox you are going to feel totally physically exhausted as though you have been a physical battlefield.....which you have been. It is flu season and they will not suspect anything if you call in with the flu, and they will not expect a speedy return as the flu takes up to a week at times. Try doing the all over muscle tightening/release exercises outlined in the Home Detox will help exercise your muscles, relax you, distract you, and help to cope with the "all overs"....and HOT HOT as you can stand will need LOTS of them....I took 6-10 a day. In the beginning you can only sit still for a couple of minutes at the time....just leave the water in tub...when you return let a little out and fill back with HOT water....make sure you lay back and get the entire length of your spine in the hot water for as long as you can lay stay still....try to do the muscle tightening/relaxing exercises while in the will distract you and keep you in the HOT water longer....each time you will likely be able to sit still a little longer. Remember to keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water. Aspercreme helps the joint pain and the restless legs. Heating pad for back and legs. You are not alone...keep posting.

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