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Trampy, prayers are with you. Everybody's chemistry/needs are uniquely their own; some can only detox with a taper approach and for others only cold turkey works. You can learn more about rapid detox by typing rapid detox into Google or whatever web browser you use. I have never done it so have no personal experience with it. Hopefully others with personal experience can post on it for you.

From what I have read it is very expensive at around $10-15,000. The Waismann Institute in Los Angeles is one of the pioneers and has a website that discusses the procedure. The process is basically a residential inpatient program where the patient is put into an anesthesia induced sleep/coma state for the period of detox. During that time an intraveneous drug, Naltroxene, is administered which accelerates the detox. While it is an accelerated detox, it is not magic where you have no aftermath residuals to contend with. It is reported that patients experience relief of the pain of WDs, but still have the aftermath of the depression, lethargy, and some residual craving. It is a controversial process and there are supporters of all positions regarding it. IT seems that many of those against it feel that it is extremely costly and basically only addresses the 24-36 hour period of pain of WDs...and, all other aspects of post detox are the same with some alleging maybe even worse as a result of the body being deprived of the experience of gradual transition and self-acclimation to the changes....caused by going to sleep in one state and waking up in another which arguably could shock the system more.

I really hope that those with personal experience will post for you as all of my information has been learned from just reading websites online.

I guess I would strongly encourage you to try a home cold turkey detox first. If I can do it, trust me, anyone can. A taper approach did not work for me either. The only way I could succeed was just do it. There is much information and help on this Board to help you through it. Please review the other threads on this Board, especially "Vicodin Home Detox" as well as "Day 2, can hardly type". Good luck in whatever you decide!

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