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Luvn, you are quite welcome. Its great that you are doing a taper. It is very hard I know....we have all been on some form of taper at some point if nothing more than splitting pills to make them last between RX I understand what you are going through is a real challenge, but good for you in your determination!! Focus on how great you are going to feel when it is over!!! Start building up your body nutrient base now w/good multi-vitamin and a multi-mineral, add additional C & E as they are excellent anti-oxidants. Most multi-vitamins have some minerals in them but you will need an additional broad spectrum multi-mineral supplement, plus extras of some particular vitamins; most importantly the Zinc, B-Complex pillform and B-Complex Sublingual Liquid Drops. The reason for both pillform and drops in the B-Complex is the pillform has higher levels of all the Bs except B-12 which is pointless to put in pillform because the body can not absorb it very well from pillform. B-12 is vital for energy and the central nervous system, but the body can only absorb it from natural dietary sources, injectable form, or sublingual liquid form under the tongue. The B-Complex sublingual w/B-12 has an elevated amount of B-12 w/very low amounts of the other B-Vitamins so it works well in harmony together.

Substance abuse in any form substantially robs the body of vital nutrients. For example, something we can all relate to as well is alchohol hangovers. Almost everyone has had one at one time or another in their life where the next morning you have the jittery shakes and jittery nauseous stomach. That is because high alcohol intake depletes the body of Vitamin Bs. If you take a VitB-Complex, 100 mg, before you leave the house or have first drink, it will substantially mitigate the hangover feeling. It will help even more if you also drink 2-3 glasses or more of water throughout the evening. Now will that work for heavy binge drinkers? Probably not. Will it work for people who have just a little more than they should? For most, probably yes, at least you will be somewhat functional the following day and not porcelain royalty or with one foot hanging off the bed;)

Vicodin addiction is not all that different, with the exception that the chemical composition in it blunts the body's ability to feel the full force of the nutrient depletion. However, once the Vicodin is stopped, that is felt full force and whiplash WDs begin. The goal is to mitigate that effect. Building a solid nutrient base BEFORE detox substantially helps and results in a more stabilized detox with lessened WDs. Adding the nutrients only AFTER the detox WDs have started requires substantially increased supplement levels and results in rollercoaster WDs, but can be done. The greatest success and the best for your body comes from the most stabilized and sensible approach; i.e., building a solid nutrient base first and supports more reasonable supplement levels during detox.

Exercise as much as you can. For the first several minutes your body's workmen are all trying, but they all doing different things and not working in efficient harmony together. It takes 20-30 min of exercise to get them synchronized and working in efficiently. Once they get used to it, they get organized and get on the job on their own more quickly. It is the only way to get your body's own natural factory working again. You see, not only have you been trapped in a Vicodin haze for sometime now, so has your body's workmen. They have all become slackers because they weren't needed as long as you were externally providing what nature designed them to do. So, they have been on a longggggggggg coffee break for however long you have been externally supplying a different source. Once the external source stops, it sends fire alarm bells loudly clanging and the workmen have jumped up and are running around all in different directions to finding to find their gear and figure out what the hell they did with the keys to the truck!!! It will take them a few days to get back on the job efficiently for you, but they will. They are designed by nature to do it naturally. By exercising YOU get them organized and it is your body's natural process of giving them instruction on what to do for you. If you don't give the instruction/exercise, they will eventually figure it out on their own, but it will take them longer without a crew leader, YOU!
You are quite welcome. If the post only helps but 1 person then it was worth my time and effort to do it. The fear of *what* to expect from detox is horrifying, especially for first time. Just knowing what to expect and some possible coping options somehow substantially strengthens people's ability to endure detox. Otherwise what happens is when WDs start getting "the meanies", the fear factor kicks in and works on your mind---all at the same time that your body cravings are acting like a damn 2yr old pitching a fit in the floor to MAKE you give in and give it what it craves. It is a challenge to cope with it all happening simultaneously and at a time when your clarity of thought is at its worst so you aren't able to analyze and sort it out while in the midst of WDs. That is why a well plan and prepared for detox is invaluable. When the s**t starts hitting the fan, you know what it is, how long to expect it on your doorstep, which all somehow helps to find the much needed inner strength to hang in there and endure. The detox process works up to a peak, usually between days 3-4, and just when it feels it is at its absolute worse and scaring the hell out of you is when many abort detox out of fear it will get worse or just not knowing what to expect....when in fact they are unknowingly right at the peak. If they can just hang on and endure it for the next 24-48 hours, it progressivlely turns the corner and starts to stabilize. Once the body realizes that you are NOT going to give it what it craves, like the 2 yr old pitching the fit, it will get physically exhausted from the fight and let go, relinquishing control to you. You will have won, but you must immediately take charge because like the 2 yr old it is going to try and test you just to see if you were serious. Your challenge is trying to show that YOU are in charge, through exercise, at a time when you will be physically exhausted from the battle. Your legs will begin to feel so heavy that they feel like they should be on someone's body. They just don't won't to work right for you. It will feel it is impossible during this phase to exercise, but there are things that you can and MUST do to work those muscles and let your body sense that YOU are giving the instructions. It is a re-training process. Start with the muscle tightening/release exercises mentioned in the 1st post or lift free wieghts with arms to get muscles and those little endorphin workmen organized and functioning....don't let em be slackers. When you slack off, it sends a signal to your brain to look for an EXTERNAL source, and "the craving critter" will revisit you agian. After the heavy legs phase and the feeling lifts, your nerve endings will start to come to life....they aren't used to functioning efficiently so they may have periodic misfires and give you muscle twitches and restless legs...HOT BATHS...Aspercreme and Hot Rice Packs(see 1st post on instructions) will help, WALK 20-30 min., and be sure to take the Zinc,w/food or it WILL make you sick---people have posted experiencing significant differences in muscle taming using Zinc. You may not yet be able or feel like dressing and going outside to walk. Its best if you can to get fresh air, but if you can't just walk around your house. I about wore my carpet and stairs out I think. When I planned my second detox I used one those small home exercise joggers, about $25 and it stores well on its side.

Detox is truly a battle of strength of wills; yours against the drug demon that has taken up residence in your body. You have to do the work and handle your own exorcism of the demon you let get ahold of you. You need to get YOU back in the driver seat of YOUR life again and in charge of YOUR destiny. Otherwise you are just along for the ride of wherever you are allowing that drug demon to take you. If you aren't steering your own wheel, then WHO is??? Scarey thought, isn't it? How could one reasonably expect to not crash and burn if you are allowing an addiction to determine and guide the course of YOUR life???? It's a difficult issue to face. We have all been there. But, once you ask yourself those questions and knowingly don't take charge of your direction, there isn't much left but for your loved ones to watch the flame burn out and mourn the loss of wonderful soul from their life, because even as a living being you aren't a full functioning loved one meeting anyone's needs-----not even your own.
Syzy, many of us have felt what you feel. You have taken a hard first step, the decision to make a change in your life. You CAN do it. It won't be without a challenge, but with determination and courage you WILL prevail. Look at it this way, sooner or later in life you will HAVE to take this step anyway, it is inevitable for all. Life is truly very short, so whatever the bad parts are for any of us it is best to muster up the courage to stomp through the worst parts to shorten them as much as possible and fill your life with the quality good parts to the greatest extent possible. In doing nothing, we are in fact choosing to stay in the bad parts for longer than necessary whatever reason, and in my opinion that is truly when professional help is needed because we are incapable of truly helping ourselves. You, however, have recognized that you need to make a positive change and improve your quality of life. And, you will be so glad that you did.

I think that most failed detoxes are the result of not having a plan where when the worst part hits it is easier to allow yourself to abort. If you are prepared, know what to expect and have coping options to assist you to ride it out you will get to the other side of it. Read back through this thread to familiarize yourself with the detox cycle; plan and shop for your OTC detox coping options. Make sure you note times, what you take and in what combinations, and effectiveness for you....everyone's chemistry is different so you have to somewhat experiment with what combinations help take the edge off for you. Vicodin has a half-life of 4-8 hours, so that means that 8-16 hours after last dose is when the effects of WDs will begin....they will progressively increase and peak about days 3-5, lasting between 24-48 hours, varies based on individual chemistry. Some people feel WD relief between Day 4-5. Basically what you can expect is feeling like you have the worst case of the flu you have ever had. Symptoms vary among individuals, for example, many get diahhreah with fewer numbers reporting vomitting---I never had either of those, just some nausea for me....I had horrible joint aches, extreme "coffee jitters", headaches, and sleeplessness....a feeling that I just couldn't be "still with myself" ...the leg syndrome with cycle of restless legs/heavy legs/restless legs again.....difficulty concentrating....very easily aggitated....emotional roller coaster feeling from irritable to easily angered to weepy.

Just know that when it seems that it is at its worst is when you are about to turn the corner and reach the other side. Even after reaching the other side where the worst subsides your body still has to rebalance and build itself back again through good diet, supplements, and EXERCISE.

Plan your detox where your worst days will be days off from work. While some people have posted early in their detox that they are still working , my guess is that most if not all of them end up aborting the detox when the worst starts because I just can not imagine a person being able to continue working during that phase so for some they have no choice but to abort in order to be able to continue working. I know there is no way I personally could have worked during it....but, detox WDs are not exactly the same for every person. All of us have our own unique chemistries and state of health conditions so it affects us to greater and lesser degrees. Also know that many folks on another board have posted profound WD relief was obtained by taking Zinc/Magnesium, but make sure you eat food before taking it or it WILL make you very sick on your stomach. Also they say to get maximum benefit from it you really need to start taking it a week before commencing the detox. For those who have already started detox and looking for coping options, know that others who were already in detox before starting the Zinc posted they still received some relief with it so it is worth a consideration to start it.

Envision the process much like cutting loose a ball tethered to a pole.......when you cut lose your Vicodin tether bottle, your rope is going to wrap tightly around the pole for a few days w/WDs...then it will loosen, let go, and hang just have to hang on while your body re-regulates itself again and kicks up its own natural production factory of endorphins to deliver natural dopamine from your internal will are designed by can prime the pump to get it working sooner and more efficiently by placing a demand for it on the body through exercise....very hard to do until you are through the worst of WDs however, but do as much as you can, it will help...even if you are only able to do resting position muscle tightening/relaxing exercises....just tighten muscles as rigidly as you can for as long as you can to place a demand signal from the muscle to the brain to get working damnit.
You have to wretch control back from the drug demon that has hijacked the operation of YOUR factory. You can do it. If I can do it, trust me, ANYONE can do it. I was absolutely terrified to detox on my own...wondering if I could do it without having to tell anyone.....I was just too humiliated to tell a soul about what I had allowed to happen to me so I was determined. That being said, there are people who MUST tell others in order for them to be successful where they need to have external pill controls or emotional support. I knew that was not me. My situation was that I had become drug dependent with RX through my situation was not recreational at fact I had been on the RX for so long that there was no euphoria effect at all and I never increased levels or bought sources elsewhere chasing that euphoria....for me it was about pain management and over time became about dependency managagement....fortunately I never evolved to the next level of abuse management...thank heart sincerely goes out to all who are in that situation and still find the internal strength to fight and come back. I can only imagine how hard of a struggle that must be.

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