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Just my own opinion here, not a professional at all, just a fellow addict.

I took Xanax 1mg x3/day, then was switched to clonepan to lessen the chances of dependancy. I took them for years in addition to Celexa/Lexapro. I don't feel I ever developed a problem with them. Then along came pain pills, and then I knew problems :) .

I detoxed from all of it at the same time, so I don't know what caused what symptoms, but I think my withdrawal was mainly from hydrocodone. I found out rather quickly (with a couple of months) that I really needed the antidepressants and the antianxiety, and went back on them, at a very reduced dose (1 mg/day) under the supervision of the doc that helped me taper from a huge dose of hydrocodone per day. That doc knew my issues and still felt I needed certain habit forming medication - he felt it was worth it for my well being. I never got high from them either, they made me able to function in public, in places lots of folks take for granted - the grocery store, restaurants, family functions, etc. Without them, I was withdrawn, severely anxious and sick-making insecure.

I understand your fear, but medication is there for a reason. If your medical problems require you to take it, maybe you should discuss is it with your doctor. Tell him that you are afraid of the dependancy, and how can you address it? Maybe he'll put you on a rotating schedule of different anti-anxiety medications or some other thing they can do, he's the doctor, he'll know.

I'm reading between the lines at a real fear of addiction - I can completely understand it. Staying clean from your doc for the first few weeks is very hard and I am very proud of you for doing it! Pat yourself on the back. You have done a very hard thing, and I can tell you value that hard-won sobriety. BUT, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater :rolleyes: Talk to your doc, sounds like you have a legitamate need for the benzos, and just watch yourself. All of us addicts know that "voice" in our heads that tells us we are addicted to something. We know that we enjoy it TOO much. I don't get that vibe from you at all about the benzos.

Take care of yourself, and God bless you on this journey!


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