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Christy - I have been on Xanax as needed for about 3 years, so I am taking a much lower dose than you - only .5 mg when I really need it. I am not physically addicted (ie I don't crave it or have withdrawals if I don't take them for a while), but I guess you could say I am mentally addicted. I go into an absolute panic attack if I do not have my bottle of pills with me at all times.

It is important to remember that being addicted does not necessarily mean you are getting a "high" from it. It just means your body has gotten used to having the drug and it will be very angry when you stop taking the drug.

Even though benzos are addictive, I really don't think it is the same thing as being addicted to heroine or opiates. Benzos really aren't all that harmful, unless you totally overdose, which would be difficult to do, OR you just stop taking them suddenly without tapering. My only concern with getting addicted to them is that over time, they will not work as well for me, and I never want that day to come. Without them my anxiety and phobias are so bad I cannot leave thehouse.

Also, if and when your doctor decides to taper you off the valium, the only kind of "addiction" withdrawals you might have is physical discomfort, but if you follow a very slow and gradual tapering schedule, that should not be an issue.

Just remember you are not taking benzos to get a high, like you said - you are taking them to treat a mental disorder. There is quite a difference, and no need to feel guilty.

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