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Bridg,it is great that you got out to walk!!! You need to try and exercise 20-30 min daily minimum...walk, walk, walk...even if just around the house. It WILL kicks in your endorphins. Unfortunately the side effect of taking painkillers long term is it causes your body's sensories to sense there is an external supply so your own natural endorphin factory goes into snooze mode....when you stop the external supply...wham....WDs are the result. Your body will re-regulate itself again, it is designed to, but it takes time...meanwhile for 5-7 days you have WDs through the worst of it....then it gets better...the more you exercise the more quickly it will get better and is not rocket science...just the science of how the ole body works;) Substance abuse of any type substantially depletes the body of its nutrients so that is where the nutrient supplements come in. Nothing completely eliminates WDs, but nutrient supplements and exercise will help....usually a lot for most is priming the pump to get your factory back working for you again. And, remember keep yourself well hydrated.

Ice, the next couple of days are gonna be rough, so hang in there.

By this time next week y'all are gonna be feeling sooooooooooo much better....clearer thinking to set new goals, make new plans, ENJOY life!!!! Freedom from that drug demon that took up residence in YOUR body!!!! Once get his sorry a** OUT ...keep him out.....visual imagery....KEEP OUT...GUARD DOG ON DUTY!!!! After my detox mostly to help with my depression I bought some of those tiny $5 hand size stuffed dogs and put them around as visual reminders for me. I then saw a special on Winston Churchill and learned he suffered from depression ...he called it "The Blackdog"....I then bought 2 HUGE stuffed dogs, named em Winnie I and WinnieII, one for my sofa and one for upstairs on the bed...they are there to help keep "The Blackdog" sounds stupid I know but has helped me. I love snuggling with em where I use them for body pillows to help cope with my backpain........and they are just as cute as hell....tan floppy wrinkle dogs about 3'...found em at Big Lots for $30 ea, LOL. So, ya just have to allow yourself to be alternative thinking and find whatever works for you is right for you!!!

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