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Don't get down. The first time I tried to self detox from benzo's almost two years ago, I went about six weeks and then jumped down in the hole again...a much deeper hole. I started using like crazy...driving very heavily one could tell me I wasn't one could tell me anything. Everyone knew I was addicted but me.

The thing I discovered with coming off the hydro's is that when the euphoria, that wonderful sense of well-being and that all's right with the worldfelling, and problems fade away...when all that went away...and the anxiety started...then the body aches and flu-like symptoms...the cravings kicked in and I wanted to make all that discomfort go I reached for the pills. My problem (advantage) is that I had no pills to reach for. I was out. Nothing. No where to get more for days. So I decided to go c/t.

That's when I found this site. I started following the OTC remedies for home detox that are posted elsewhere on this board. I'm not going to lie to you and say that they're magic, but they do help to certain degrees...I guess depending on your level of dependence. But they help!!!

I started last Sunday night...took my last 3 10/325's...and then nothing for six days. I cried. I didn't sleep. My whole body ached. My head ached. If there had been people around, they wouldn't have stayed for long. The next day, I'm sorry to say was worse. I felt like going to the hospital and checking in witht the flu, but I knew they'd check my blood and I'd wind up in in-patient detox. The next day was about the same. But then I started feeling better. Not good, just better. I ate a little bit (soup and yogurt, stuff like that). Then I started walking around the house, in circles. I have a dog, so I had to take her outside every once in a while to do her business. I guess, it helped some to have to take care of her needs. I kept drinking lots of club soda (my drink of choice) - like 4 cases in a week. I watched a store-load of DVDs.

I called in sick as many days as I could with the flu going around. No one questioned my illness because I lost my voice and sounded sick. The next day was better...not great, just better. I've heard, depending on how many tabs you use a day and for how long that days 2-4 or 3-5 can be the worst. For me it was days 2, 3, & 4, then I started to feel some better.

I'm telling you, its' been a long week. Posting every night, sometimes a couple of times a day has helped because somebody always responded with encouragement. I've done the NA/AA thing and wouldn't knock it for the world. They have worked miracles. But for me, this Board has been my NA.

It's late day 6 and I feel like I used to feel after high school football practice after the first day in full pads. I'm sore, worn out, achey, but not miserable. I ache, but I'm not sick like with the flu.

I'm going to work tomorrow, and I know it'll be a long day...hard in a lot of ways. But it's day 7 and every day after will be better.

Icehouse...give it another try. Try not to to give up when you feel like Hell. IT WILL GET BETTER. BUT DETOX AND WD IS NOT MICROWAVE COOKING, IT IS CROCKPOT SLOW. BridgetMark, you hang with it too. It only takes a week or so to feel good again...without the drugs. And in the immortal words of my new best e-friend, YOU GET LIFE BACK DRUG FREE. That's a pretty good gift to give yourself.

Think about it this way: People like me who are 40 pounds overweight have months of sweat and work to well get well from being overweight. You can have what you want and be clean in a week or so. We're here for you.
Bridg,it is great that you got out to walk!!! You need to try and exercise 20-30 min daily minimum...walk, walk, walk...even if just around the house. It WILL kicks in your endorphins. Unfortunately the side effect of taking painkillers long term is it causes your body's sensories to sense there is an external supply so your own natural endorphin factory goes into snooze mode....when you stop the external supply...wham....WDs are the result. Your body will re-regulate itself again, it is designed to, but it takes time...meanwhile for 5-7 days you have WDs through the worst of it....then it gets better...the more you exercise the more quickly it will get better and is not rocket science...just the science of how the ole body works;) Substance abuse of any type substantially depletes the body of its nutrients so that is where the nutrient supplements come in. Nothing completely eliminates WDs, but nutrient supplements and exercise will help....usually a lot for most is priming the pump to get your factory back working for you again. And, remember keep yourself well hydrated.

Ice, the next couple of days are gonna be rough, so hang in there.

By this time next week y'all are gonna be feeling sooooooooooo much better....clearer thinking to set new goals, make new plans, ENJOY life!!!! Freedom from that drug demon that took up residence in YOUR body!!!! Once get his sorry a** OUT ...keep him out.....visual imagery....KEEP OUT...GUARD DOG ON DUTY!!!! After my detox mostly to help with my depression I bought some of those tiny $5 hand size stuffed dogs and put them around as visual reminders for me. I then saw a special on Winston Churchill and learned he suffered from depression ...he called it "The Blackdog"....I then bought 2 HUGE stuffed dogs, named em Winnie I and WinnieII, one for my sofa and one for upstairs on the bed...they are there to help keep "The Blackdog" sounds stupid I know but has helped me. I love snuggling with em where I use them for body pillows to help cope with my backpain........and they are just as cute as hell....tan floppy wrinkle dogs about 3'...found em at Big Lots for $30 ea, LOL. So, ya just have to allow yourself to be alternative thinking and find whatever works for you is right for you!!!
[QUOTE=Sarandipity]Can I take meds to help me sleep during the first days of detox? Or is that just completely out of the question. (Comm on, Im waiting for the right answer.) [/QUOTE]

Hi Sara, there is no doubt that sleeping as much as you can is best during the first 2-3 days. The Thomas Detox Recipe (internet Message Boards around 2001) recommends using high levels of benzodiazepines (BZDs) to induce a sleep state for the first 2-3 days. Personally, I have concerns about that part of the Thomas Detox Recipe because of the high addiction risk history of BZDs, particularly with folks who abuse opiates. According to the American Family Physician Report, April 2001, 80 percent of benzodiazepine abuse has an multi-drug abuse association, with the other drug most commonly being opiates. Is a person likely to become addicted with 2-3 day use, no. According to the report it takes approximately 1-2 months usually, shorter if you have a drug abuse history. So, for someone detoxing from a tolerance dependency status associated with prescribed opiates for pain, there would likely be less risks. However, for a person who is procuring drugs online or through 'other' sources to get high or chase the is playing with fire to put another euphoric drug in the mix. Only you know which category of risk you are in. There are less risky OTC alternatives....though not as effective.....Nyquil, Tylenol PM, Benadryl, Valerian Root, RobitussinDM, etc.

[B]Im just so sad. I keep wanting to put this whole thing off. But I know its not the right thing to do. [/B]
Fear is a very powerful thing. Fear is very scarey....causes people to hang on the ledge of uncertainty about when to let go....and if they haven't done their preparatory work will scare the hell of ya once WDs commence UNLESS you are prepared about what to expect and what your coping options are. Once you are prepared as things start to happen, rather than feel free you recognize it as something you were to expecting to happen....your body is able to better cope with things that it expects to happen. As an example...getting hit in the stomach out of the blue knocks the wind out of you....but if you know the blow is coming your body prepares for still hurts like hell physically of course, but doesn't knock you mentally off center. Once you have asked enough, learned enough to conquer your fear you will be ready.

[B]jam- talk to me about the stuffed animals. They helped you? [/B]
LOL, ohhhhh about WinnieI and WinnieII. Yes they did. It sounds crazy I know, but it did. The idea for me originated after seeing a piece on Winston Churchill's struggle with depression. He called the depression "The Blackdog" and it somewhat became code among his innercircle where days he was out of sorts with it all he would just say, 'sorry, The Blackdog is visiting me today'. As we all know, Hydro Hell definitely brings depression. So, I bought first bought a handful of those lil pound puppy~beanie baby type dogs---put them all around the house to remind me and make me the kitchen window, on my makeup table, bathroom counter, computer desk, etc. It was working great for me ....then I was in Big Lots and found these HUGE 3 foot floppy stuffed wrinkle dogs....I bought 2 of em, WinnieI for downstairs and Winnie2 for upstairs....they are my guarddogs against The Blackdog and they keep the drug demon out...every time I see em I smile and know they are on duty working to help me....makes me feel I am not alone....crazy I know, but hey it works for me.....AND, they are that soft furry fleece material making them extremely cuddly so I use em as body pillows to cuddle with to help with my back pain....the Winnies were something I did for me....I thought my hubby would think I am totally nuts...I didn't tell him what they represented to me for some time...I did a discrete detox where no one know....anyway, I did eventually tell him everything.....I was pleasantly surprised to learn he thought it was precious and understood their purpose completely....go figure. Now, during the day sometimes he calls me at home from work and asks me how the Winnies are doing and if he needs to pickup dogfood yet, lol...they have become quite a family giggly-poo which is just what I needed....but only he and I know they are there to keep The Blackdog and the Drug Demon in their place.

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